1913-14 Carbide Generator
This was a collaborative effort with Chris Edy, of Windsor, California
This project began as an experiment.  We wanted to build an authentic-looking unit using  modern materials which could be done in the home shop without elaborate machinery. 
A carbide generator makes acetylene gas which is explosive.
Before you even
think about making one of these things functional, please click this link :         -click here-
We decided to use PVC pipe for the lower tank. Material chosen was 6" ID; machining the outside diameter resulted in a wall thickness of about 3/32" and allowed the forming of a "bead" which is a salient feature of the original.  The "seam" was made by scoring the outside of the tank.
Flange was machined from an old Model T brake drum. It is somewhat thicker than the original, but shouldn't fatigue crack as so many of the old ones have.
Bottoms of the tanks were made using ends of coffee cans;  PVC rings were machined to provide a rather snug fit both inside the tube and inside the tube end.  These pieces were all glued together using PVC cement. 
Inside of tube shows a PVC ring which forms a stop for the coffee can bottom piece. 
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Phil Mino
Strathmore, CA