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Storm Vulcan Crankshaft Grinder
Our shop is equipped with lathes, milling machines, line bore equipment, etc. etc.  Here is the 13" Southbend lathe while still being cleaned up and generally rehabilitated.
In addition to rebuilding engines to original specs, we occasionally stray.
Here is a modified Model A crankshaft installed in a Model T engine block.
Links to the other  things we do (or have done) or find interesting:
The generator project
One Cylinder Reo
Tool - "X" groover for rods
Our tacky old everyday-drivers....
This useful machine, besides grinding crankshafts, is also used to grind Model T transmission drums, output shafts,  driveshafts,  and a whole host of other resizing operations on hardened parts which require some sort of custom work. 
Phil Mino
Strathmore, CA
MAFCA member since 1958
MTFCA member since 1967
Model A Fords
Model T Fords
Model T rebabbitting and line boring
Tool - Magnet Height Gauge
Truth is stranger than fiction department
Former corporate bond salesman chucks it all to operate a small farm and restore antique Fords
Crankshaft straightening press