Magnet Height Setting Gauge
Swing arm is made from GMC 1945-59 6 cyl, 248, 270, 302 connecting rod.   Steel button was pressed into little end; drilled and reamed .376 to accept shank of dial indicator.  Small 10-32 thumbscrew clamps indicator. Hole is positioned to locate plunger end of indicator just to the outside of the magnet clamp screw.
Stub shaft is Model A Ford rear main bearing and flange.  This was trued up in the lathe so that shaft is exactly perpendicular to flywheel recess face. Nut on top is non-functional;  initially it was thought necessary to use a cap of some sort to prevent any wiggling.  In practice this was found to be unnecessary.
Steel sleeve was bored  to a snug fit on crank journal.  Rod clamps to OD of sleeve.  Large end face area mates with shoulder on stubshaft.   Configuration allows use on Model T flywheel without the Model T transmission shaft in place.
In use, once the "highest'  pair of magnet poles is found, it is a simple matter to add shims to the lower ones to bring them up to par.  I prefer to place the shims between the flywheel and the support spools.
Phil Mino
Strathmore, CA